The growth in metal roofing for residential and commercial buildings has quadrupled in recent years and is still going steady.

This increased demand for more resilient building products has put a spotlight on the traditional standard asphalt shingles.

As we compare metal roofing to asphalt shingles, you can determine which ones fit your needs for something reliable, safe, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and fits your budget.


Metal is the clear winner here. While the longevity of your roof will depend on other factors like quality of installation, maintenance practices, and your environment, metal will outlive asphalt shingles 10 out of 10 times.


  • The typical lifespan of at least 40-70 years depending on the material.
  • Some materials can be well over 100 years.


  • The typical lifespan of 15-20 years
  • May increase up to 25-30 years for heavier products or will diligent maintenance.


Major factors that affect roof costs include installation costs and the size/style of the roof. While it’s clear that metal is more expensive, because of its longevity, asphalt shingles end up costing more over the long term.


  • Higher upfront cost, but more economical long term.
  • Between $10-$20 per square foot and between $20,000 ad $40,000 for the average home.
  • Stainless steel is the most economical metal choice.


  • The most budget-friendly roofing option.
  • Average of $6-$9 per square. That is $12,000-$18,000 for an average home roof.

Energy Efficiency

Metals reflect rays and don’t retain heat absorbed, this equates to savings on your energy bills each month.


  • Does not absorb heat, saving up to 30 percent on cooling costs.
  • Helps to shed snow and ice faster.


  • Absorbs more heat, especially in the summer leading to higher energy costs.
  • New “cool roofing” can help to release the heat absorbed and reduce this cost.


It’s important to consider the environmental impact you may be making by your roofing choice.


  • Made from recycled material and continuously recyclable.
  • Less energy is needed for production compared to asphalt shingles.


  • After use, they typically end up in landfills.
  • Asphalt shingles are made from ‘dirty’ crude oil feedstocks and increase our dependency on fossil fuels.
  • Nearly 20 billion pounds of asphalt shingles end up in landfills.


Roof repair or replacement is an expensive project. The more durable your roof is, the less likely you are to spend on these projects.


  • Resistant to water damage, rot, fire, and pests.
  • Lightweight and strong.
  • Certain thin metals can show dents easily.


  • Impacted easily by hail, moisture damage, moss, and mold.
  • Individual shingles will curl and break as a result of damage
  • Easier to make small repairs.


A new roof is never a bad investment for your home. If you plan on moving soon, you may be required to replace it anyway to sell. If you plan to stay, it provides you with both protection and increased home value.


  • A great investment now that will pay off when you sell.
  • May not be worth making if you plan to sell within 5 years.


  • Ensures no surprises during the inspection.
  • Because asphalt shingles are standard, it doesn’t set your home apart from the rest of the neighborhood.


Taking care of your roof is an important part of homeownership and is often required by your homeowner’s insurance policy.


  • Proper installation requires little to no maintenance throughout its life.


  • Regular inspection and maintenance are required to extend longevity.

Variety of Styles

Most builders may use standard dark and dull colors, but there is a world of possibilities when choosing your building materials.


  • Choose between different types of metal and different color coating options.
  • Specialty metal roofing can mimic shingles, shake, tile and slate.

Specialty metal roofing can mimic shingles, shake, tile and slate.


  • While most look similar, there is a wide range of options, colors, designs, and styles, suitable for traditional and contemporary homes.
  • Shingles can be combined to produce a 3D design.

While most asphalt shingles look similar, there is a wide range of options, colors, designs, and styles, suitable for traditional and contemporary homes.

What to Consider Before You Choose a Metal or Shingle Roof

The truth is, both shingle and metal roofing are great options. They are both available for homeowners because they both provide the protection you’re looking for. Choosing the best option for you comes down to four main factors:

  • Budget – The single biggest in metal roofs vs asphalt shingles is price. This is a big investment either way and perhaps you don’t mind replacing it in 15-20 years or maybe you don’t even expect to live in your home that long. However, if you have the cash and want peace of mind, metal roofing is the best choice.
  • Roof Design – Depending on the pitch, design, dormers, valleys, skylights, venting, and overall square footage, your options may be limited. Most manufacturers specify minimum and maximum slopes allowed for both asphalt and metal.
  • Environment – Asphalt shingles work great in some areas of the country while metal roofing may be a better option for others. If you live in a climate with extreme weather, metal roofing has a better track record with wind, hail, rain, heat, and freezing temperatures. If you have a mild climate without drastic weather shifts, asphalt shingles may work perfectly.
  • Qualified Contractor Availability – Not all roofing contractors are qualified to install metal roofing materials. Compared to shingles, metal roofing has a limited pool of qualified contractors. If you can’t find one nearby, you may end up paying, even more, to bring in outside talent.

Which Will You Choose?

Are you looking for something to last generations, protect your mountain home from wildfires, and give a unique look?  Or do you need a roof that is reliable and quick to install that protects your home until you move out in a couple of years?

Whatever you choose, getting the right roofing contractor is essential. That’s where we come in, if you’re looking for a qualified roofer to help you decide between asphalt and metal roofing in your area, give us a call today!

We install both materials with the experience and education to get the job done right the very first time.